Sushmita Subba Manandhar
Senior Program Manager

Sushmita Subba is a senior resident program manager with NDIs Kathmandu office. Sushmita joined the Institute in 1999 as an office/program assistant and office manager. She now coordinates and manages NDIs program to strengthen civil society, working closely with the Civil Society Alliance for Political Reform, a coalition of civic organizations dedicated to advancing political reform in Nepal. Her efforts include providing technical training and guidance to strengthen the Alliance s organizational development as well as its advocacy mission. Sushmita g raduated from Government College, Darjeeling, India. She enjoys traveling and reading.

Empowering Women in Nepal for a Better Tomorrow

Women welcoming party leaders and NDI staff in Humla, Nepal. 

Prior to my work with NDI, the term “democracy” in Nepal seemed to imply a group of leaders fighting for power, without regard to the norms and values of democracy. Democracy was not for the people, of the people and by the people, but for the leaders, of the leaders and by the leaders. This perception commonly held by political parties in my country made me think - did democracy really exist? Will future generations adopt and carry the same values that we practice in our daily lives or will they bring about changes?

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