Happy Holidays: A Look Back at 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, I want to express my gratitude to all of you for your support upon my transition back to NDI – a true homecoming.

It is no secret that democracy faces serious challenges these days. While some may succumb to fatalism, however, that is not NDI's way. Every day, NDI works with courageous individuals and organizations around the world who inspire us about democracy's boundless vitality. NDI will continue to work with international partners through our 50+ offices around the world to meet the current moment head-on, just as we did throughout 2018 by:

  • Standing firm with Philippine journalist and NDI Democracy Award winner Maria Ressa, one of Time Magazine's 2018 Persons of the Year, who has courageously stood up against disinformation and for a free press
  • Launching the think10 risk planning tool to help politically active women assess and mitigate against the risk of violence
  • Linking front-line democracy and human rights organizations with digital tech companies through the Design for Democracy Coalition
  • Observing pivotal elections in Zimbabwe and Georgia, and conducting pre-election assessment missions in Bangladesh and Ukraine
  • Joining with our sister organization, the International Republican Institute, in launching The Cybersecurity Campaign Playbook
  • Using focus group research to help Tunisia's government meet citizen demands to end corruption and deliver economic progress
  • Supporting Colombia to promote reconciliation among victims of its decades-long civil war, and activists like Samson Itodo, who is expanding political opportunity for youth in Nigeria.

Thank you again for your continued support for our work. As 2018 closes, please consider making a gift to help NDI continue its activity on behalf of democracy worldwide.

I wish you a wonderful and restful holiday with family and friends, and renewed energy for what promises to be a critical and eventful 2019 to come.