Basma Jaber with Madeleine Albright
Basma Jaber
Madeleine K. Albright Fellow
Washington, DC

Basma Jaber is a rising senior at Wellesley College studying neuroscience and international relations. She has spent her summer working with the Gender, Women and Democracy team at NDI as a Madeleine K. Albright Fellow.

Making Science More Social: A Neuroscientist Lost in Politics

This multidisciplinary group from the Madeleine K. Albright 2017 Fellowship at Wellesley College comprised two economists, an environmental scientist, a mathematician and a neuroscientist and presented on trade-induced inequalities.

When people think about gender inequality, they very rarely think about the effects that it has on a cognitive level. In fact, the gap between the natural and social sciences has grown so wide that advancements in both fields, which could benefit one another, end up lost within their specific bubbles. Bridging the gap between these two fields makes us all better equipped to tackle the greatest challenges that affect humanity.

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