Chris Spence
Chris Spence
Chief Technology Officer
Washington, DC

As the National Democratic Institute's chief technology officer, Chris Spence has led technology initiatives for the Institute around the world and helped NDI become recognized as a leader in the application of technology to the unique and evolving challenges of democratic governance.

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Q&A: Democracy, Technology and Young African Leaders

On Feb. 10, I took part in a three-day Facebook #YALICHAT with young African leaders – President Obama’s signature effort to invest in the next generation of African entrepreneurs, educators, activists and innovators. After introducing myself and my work in a blog post, I took questions and comments from the YALI Network centered on the role of technology in democracy. Topics included: bridging gaps between youth and politicians online; how technology can improve transparency and government accountability; taking political action; online security; election monitoring; and using technology to empower people to become more involved in politics.

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