Kip Wainscott
Kip Wainscott
Senior Advisor
Silicon Valley, California

Kip Wainscott is a senior advisor at NDI and leads the Institute's presence in Silicon Valley, engaging technologists and other stakeholders in support of democracy. Until early 2017, Kip served in the White House as senior director of cabinet affairs and senior advisor to the Domestic Policy Council, where his work focused on issues related to justice, technology, and opportunity. 

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A Force Multiplier for Democracy in the Digital Age

A woman participates in voter card reader test exercise in Nigeria. Credit: Sarah Cooper

In countries and communities around the world, defenders of democracy are working to understand and respond to the ways that technology is impacting political and electoral processes. With every election or political event, democracy’s defenders are capturing new lessons on how democracy can weather evolving threats and even thrive in the digital age. Despite this growing body of projects and the commitment of local actors in countries around the world, responses to evolving digital challenges to date often lack coordination. But both globally and regionally, key democracy stakeholders haven’t had a proper channel for information-sharing, research coordination, and advancing shared priorities at the intersection of tech and democracy. So we’re building one, as a community.

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