Nick Monaco
Nick Monaco
(Guest Blogger)
Disinformation Researcher at the Digital Intelligence Lab
Silicon Valley, California

Nick Monaco is a disinformation researcher at the Digital Intelligence Lab (DigIntel), a digital rights NGO, and Graphika, a social media analytics start-up. He is also an international team member and affiliate at ComProp, the Computational Propaganda Project based at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII).

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What makes some people more susceptible to disinformation?

New research is shedding light on why certain people are more susceptible to disinformation and what motivates individuals to choose to join hate campaigns. Photo credit: Dave Haygarth

Disinformation is one of the thorniest problems facing citizens online around the world today. Recent reports have highlighted that the problem is not only present, but indeed it is becoming more grave in the absence of proper solutions to combat it. While considerable thought and research have been dedicated to technological solutions, efforts at understanding the human mechanics of disinformation are still nascent. Exploring what demographics are most vulnerable or most likely to be targeted, why they are receptive to disinformation, and the mechanics of how disinformation spreads within their networks online and offline is key to finding effective solutions in the long term.

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