An Inclusive Process to Redesign

This Wayback Machine screenshot shows NDI’s original website from February 22, 1997. We’ve come a long way! Click here to explore the evolution of NDI’s website.

NDI launched a project to redesign its website this week. The current version of the website was designed in 2008 and has had a few minor facelifts and updates since, but the core design of the site still dates back to an era when online video was only just becoming mainstream. The underlying technology that binds the site together is also reaching the end of its life and must be updated.

The redesign presents an exciting opportunity to put a fresh face on NDI's work, while preserving the depth of content that makes such a valuable resource. In keeping with NDI's values and in the interest of meeting your needs, we hope to make this process as open and inclusive as possible...but we need your help!

I have created a "digital whiteboard" for you to share how and why you want to use so we can create features that will work for you. It only takes a few seconds! Please feel free to fill out the form as many times as you want, whenever you want.

As someone who has expressed interest in NDI’s work in the past and the DemWorks blog in particular, your input on how we present ourselves to the world is extremely valuable. I hope you will come along on this journey with us. In return, I will periodically post updates to this forum on our progress and to share the insights I learn from the process.