Erin Douse
Erin Douse
Project Assistant for Gender, Women and Democracy
Washington, DC

Erin Douse is a project assistant for the Gender, Women and Democracy program at the National Democratic Institute. She has a masters in international development from Georgetown University, expertise in gender, development and human rights and regional expertise in Latin America.

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In Discussion on Gender and Decision-Making, Only One Gender Represented

Glancing around the room, it seemed that the Feb. 24 event that NDI’s Gender, Women and Democracy (GWD) team put on had a great turnout. About 60 people from the federal government, academic institutions, multilateral organizations and NGOs were present. Despite the impressive attendance, one startling detail caught my attention as everyone took their seats: nearly everyone was a woman – there was one man on the panel and only two male guests in the audience. This, to me, spoke volumes about the state of the movement for women’s empowerment and gender equality.

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