Irhana Cajdin
Guest Blogger
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Irhana Čajdin is from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). She is the current vice-president of the Youth Forum of the SDP in BiH and a member of the SDP-BiH General Board. Her profession is forestry engineering and has graduated from the School of Political Studies of the Council of Europe. In 2012, she became a member of the Municipal Council in her hometown.

Along with volunteering at various NGOs, Irhana attends numerous local and international educational seminars about politics, project management, women's rights, violence against women, peace building and human rights. Irhana has a significant role in empowering women's role in social life and politics. In 2015, she  received the award for the Best Political Blogger in BiH.


Taking Wing: “In the land of blood and honey”

Freedom, equality and solidarity should not just be a catchphrase, but a guaranteed right to all citizens. After the horrifying events survived by today’s youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we learned the most valuable lesson: don't hate. In the country where war memories are still fresh, there are young people who do not want that to ever happen again. And at a very young age, I learned that I am equal and can determine my future. Following the return from my studies, I knew things were not how I wanted them to be in BiH. I didn’t like the fact that we are divided, that the unemployment rate is high and that only a few opportunities for youth exist. While some people tend to let things go and wait to see what happens, I did not want to be observer. I wanted to be a participant. I became involved in politics to stand up and make a change.

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