Sandra Xoquic
Sandra Xoquic
Resident Technical Assistant

Sandra Xoquic is Maya-kaqchikel. She is a program assistant in the NDI-Guatemala office, working on projects related to election observation and citizen participation.


Sandra Xoquic es maya-kaqchikel. Es asistente de programas en la oficina de NDI-Guatemala, trabajando en proyectos de observación electoral y participación ciudadana.

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The Importance of Mayan Languages in Constructing a Democratic Society in Guatemala

Mayan youth practice communication skills. Photo credit: DEMOS

Español Kaqchikel 

Equal participation of citizens in politics is essential for strengthening democracy. Citizen participation must be inclusive, representative and intercultural. One of the foundations of democracy is respect for human rights, which includes recognition of individual and collective rights of indigenous peoples. And one of these collective rights lies precisely in the use of indigenous languages. This is especially true in Guatemala, where indigenous peoples represent a large and diverse, but frequently marginalized, population.

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