Tanisha Rayamajhi
Madeleine K. Albright Fellow
Washington, DC

Tanisha is a Madeleine K. Albright Fellow, from the Albright Institute of Global Affairs, based at Wellesley College. Tanisha spent the summer recess in 2018, working on the Gender, Women and Democracy team at NDI’s offices in Washington DC. Tanisha is a rising senior at Wellesley, majoring in economics. In September 2018, she will commence the second part of a dual degree, a Masters in International Affairs from the Graduate Institute in Geneva.  

The Danger of a Single Statistic

Many eye-catching headlines, World Bank indicators and even news on social media highlight and congratulate feminist progress based on the growing number of women elected to parliament, cabinet or other political bodies. For example, when my home country of Nepal elected its first female president, it was touted as a great step forward for women’s equality. However, these examples mask important underlying issues that limit progress for women. A single number really doesn’t tell the full story. In fact, for every side there is to a story, there should be a dataset to tell it.

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